Anti-Spam and Fraud Platform

Identify potential spam or fraud with our refreshed phone number database, risk scoring and fraud prevention tools.

Stay secure. Protect against fraudulent activity

Combat spam efficiently with our fraud prevention tools and trusted datasets, confidently detecting and addressing suspicious activity.

Spam-caller Insight

Mobile to Mobile

Solutions to manage risk and prevent fraud

Create data-driven risk models to effectively pinpoint and categorize suspicious events and malevolent actors.

Know Your Customer

Optimize customer onboarding and the transaction processes by directing automated fraud prevention measures toward high-risk users to enhance efficiency.

At MarketView India, our relentless pursuit to outmaneuver fraud and manage risk effectively has found a strong ally in Anycomplete. Their up-to-date data streams and enhancements have been indispensable in our investigations, particularly in cracking down on complex insurance fraud cases. The depth and reliability of their data, complemented by Anycomplete's innovative technology, empowers our analysts to deliver with precision and confidence. Our partnership has not only reinforced our fraud prevention strategies but also elevated our overall approach to risk management.

Shivprased Kalwar
Managing Director at MarketView India